Chrystyna Ridzel
Kyiv / Ukraine

1) What did participation in ARTLEVEL design festival mean to you?
-To participate in a festival it is an excellent opportunity to be exhibited on one exhibition space with artists from around the world, to expose the work on court to the audience and chance to try the hand in the final.

2) What emotions did you feel when have realized, that became the winner?
- The brightest and sincere!
It was very unexpected and devilishly pleasant!
I have been very pleasantly surprised to announcement of results and the choice of judges as there were many strong participants.

3) Whether the prize won by you in the amount of 4 000 euros will promote creation of new works and opening of new prospects?
- Of course! It is the good help in free creation of new sculptures and projects from all of possible materials.

4) What will you advise participants of the following ARTLEVEL design festival?
- It is too difficult for me to advice something, but there is a wish to tell - try and participate!!

5) How do you estimate the level of the organization and carrying out of ARTLEVEL design festival?
- Top-level, excellent organization and holding festival! I was very pleasant and enjoyed!
Thanks a lot to organizers of ARTLEVEL design festival for the given opportunity and discovery of new prospects for young artists.
I wish you success and long years of work!

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