Jason McGroarty

Letterkenny / Ireland

1) What did participation in ARTLEVEL design festival mean to you?
- ARTLEVEL Design Festival was by far one of the most unique creative events I have ever been part of. Not only did it present the other artists with an opportunity to present their works to an international jury, it offered a platform to connect with other artists, designers and curators and set the foundation for future collaborations.

2) What emotions did you feel when have realized, that became the winner?
- When I first heard that my work was selected to be part of the festival I was filled with excitement, so to be awarded the Grand Prize in Photography at the opening ceremony in Kiev was a huge honour. I was also lucky enough to have Martin Stranka, one of my favourite photographic artists, present me with the award on the night.

3) Whether the prize won by you in the amount of 4 000 euros will promote creation of new works and opening of new prospects?
- The cash prize of €4,000 has gone further than I ever expected and has helped to present my work in various international exhibitions. Along with that it has been invested in creative materials for the production of new project, without it they would have taken a long time to come to fruition.

4) What will you advise participants of the following ARTLEVEL design festival?
- Apply. This is a unique creative platform that offers more beneath the surface. I am truly glad that I submitted my application as now I have a network of amazingly talented creatives by my side.

5) How do you estimate the level of the organization and carrying out of ARTLEVEL design festival?
- ARTLEVEL Design Festival was one of the most well organised events that I have ever been to, the opening ceremony was so fluid and full of excitement. I admit, I was blown away on the night.

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