Erica Mikula
Uzhgorod / Ukraine

1) What did participation in ARTLEVEL design festival mean to you?
- I always prepare with high responsibly and enthusiasm to every exhibition, every competition, every general project with colleagues.
If the question is about the festivals of high level, where a competition is the greatest, responsibility is doubled, and even tripled.
Participating in a festival ARTLTVEL design festival, first of all I wanted to share my art with wide audience, also to make acquaintances with the art of other participants, and to compare works of foreign and Ukrainian artists.
This victory added a large stimulus to further work in my creative activity, search of new and interesting ideas.

2) What emotions did you feel when have realized, that became the winner?
- Frankly speaking, I wanted this victory very much. And when my name had been named I was pleasantly staggered, being glad not so for a prize, as for recognition.

3) Whether the prize won by you in the amount of 4 000 euros will promote creation of new works and opening of new prospects?
- A won prize I will spend for postgraduate studying and for new creative projects.

4) What will you advise participants of the following ARTLEVEL design festival?
- To participants of the next ARTLEVEL design festival at first I wish to prepare in the best way, to be decisive, and to express individuality in their works.

5) How do you estimate the level of the organization and carrying out of ARTLEVEL design festival?
- I want to mark young, professional and experienced organizers of ARTLEVEL design festival; it was pleasant to work with them. The exposition was placed on 2 floors in very professional way, a photo, painting and sculpture were correctly united. The opening of exhibition was high-level organized with the known and authoritative jurymen and guests. A creative atmosphere and festive mood was felt.

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